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Evolve to the New Way of Working with Darwinbox HR Tech


Be it implementing work-from-home policies, introducing new HR workflows or rolling out COVID communications - organisations around the globe are having to make critical business decisions without losing a minute’s time. And they’re all in a conundrum on how to balance the interest of their employees’ safety & wellbeing, while putting pressure on productivity and maintaining a strong balance sheet. We understand these are challenging times for everyone.

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Darwinbox Can Help You In These 5 Powerful Ways:


Keep Up Productivity
in the Remote Work Mode

  • Leverage deep-tech like geotagging with facial recognition to manage attendance.
  • Track & record planned vs completed work upon clock-in/clock-out from home. Enhanced Feature for COVID
  • Assist managers with visibility on employee work location & summary of daily tasks.  Enhanced Feature for COVID
  • Empower employees to coordinate with peers through easy access to employee directory.
  • Facilitate timely requisitions through custom workflows (VPN Access/Conference Call Purchase, etc.)

Be Digital-Ready for the
New Ways of Work

  • Move onboarding online to not hurt business continuity.
  • Practice continuous feedback on the system for tighter collaboration.
  • Track critical goals remotely through performance journals.
  • Motivate employees who are working from home by enabling rewards.
  • Facilitate collaboration through an enterprise social network (VIBE).

Ensure Employee
Safety & Wellbeing

  • Prioritise and resolve COVID queries on our helpdesk to ensure faster SLA.
  • Gauge employee wellness and health through weekly/daily pulse surveys. Enhanced Feature for COVID
  • Leverage custom workflows to request for any health supplies like sanitisers, masks, etc.
  • Monitor business travel & in-person meetings through additional approvers on workflows.
  • Mandate declaration of past/future travels through weekly surveys/workflows.




Communicate & Educate
Effectively on COVID

  • Create and mandate digital sign-off from employees on all COVID safety guidelines.
  • Update HR Policies digitally to include changes to work policies around COVID.
  • Communicate all advisory, prescribed directives & policy changes through a digital noticeboard.

Revise Policies With
Minimum Downtime

  • Swiftly change policies (Attendance, Leaves, Compensation, etc) with a self-serviceable admin portal.
  • Enable special leaves/additional paid leaves to cover any isolations or case detections.
  • Manage salary advances and other employees benefits to solve for unexpected emergencies.