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Unlock down with HR Tech: Return to work safe & easy with Darwinbox

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Discover what's new on Darwinbox:

>> Virtual ID Cards to Restrict Entry by Shift.

>> Work Location (Home/Office) based Rostering.

>> Productivity Tracking With WFH Check-ins.

>> Time Sheets and HR Documents.

>> Geo Fencing and Facial Recognition.

>> Powerful and Highly Flexible Work Flows.

>> Daily Health Check Pulse Surveys.



Is your org ready to make its way back to work safely & smoothly post-COVID?


As we go through these times of uncertainty, adaptability becomes key. Those that are able to accelerate digitization and technological innovation will survive and come out far more muscular. 

Building agile, relevant and helpful solutions for the HR fraternity has always been foundational to Darwinbox. And more so in these times of adversity. We at Darwinbox, are evolving our product with every release to help you.

To learn all about our brand new product enhancements which could help you plan a safe and calibrated return to work, download this e-book.

In times of uncertainty, supercharge your organisation with the best of technology.

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