How Ujjivan Drove Higher Employee Satisfaction by Digitally Transforming HR

Remote HR Transformation for 17,000+ Employees with Darwinbox


"The HR shift is a pan organisation and pan lifecycle transformation. Right from the time a person wants to apply to Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, till the time the person finally exits, this digitalization includes taking each part of this employee lifecycle into account and transforming it. Darwinbox’s unified platform helped us achieve this employee-first vision by enriching the employee experience and making it more effective and efficient."


- Sanjay Kao, Head HR, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank,

Darwinbox HR Tech Helped Ujjivan SFB In:

Achieving a unified mobile-first experience for 17000+ employees

Saving HR bandwidth by creating a powerful HR Ops Engine

Going almost 100% paperless

Driving growth with robust reporting & analytics, and more...

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