The Evolving Dynamics of

Continuous Feedback

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Usage trends,
popular choices,
impact and scope of work.

This report delivers all of this and much more! Compiled with exclusive inputs from 100+ leading companies, this report brings forward some interesting numbers about the adoption, usage patterns, and impact of Continuous Feedback on organizations’ most critical resource - talent.

Top Trends

73% of Organizations say Continuous Feedback will drive improved performance.

A fairly new practice in the talent management space, Continuous Feedback has been adopted by a vast majority of the organizations who strongly believe this to be a way to drive improved performance and engage employees. Trends also indicate that it is not merely an initiative by the employer but even the employees have warmed up to it.


What can be the impact of continuous feedback on your workforce?


Widely Adopted Practices & Resulting Behaviour

67% of the reviewers who shared feedback voluntarily were outside the immediate hierarchy of the employee.

With jobs being far more cross-functional and dynamic in nature, stakeholders involved in the performance management of a particular employee are often outside their teams and departments! Continuous feedback empowers these teams to engage in feedback conversation and make the overall process far more holistic.


83% of the organizations chose to facilitate feedback across the organization.

69% of the feedbacks exchanged was between individuals from different departments.

Driving Success & Role of Technology


of respondents regard leadership support as one of the most critical factors to drive the success of a continuous feedback intervention.



of the organizations currently use technology to drive continuous feedback for performance management.


Technology is a critical factor that holds the power to moderate the manner in which continuous feedback can be administered by organizations or the ease with which employees can exchange conversations on-the-go with mobile or voice-based inputs.

Hence, when surveyed, 71.5% rated the impact of technology as 7 and above.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the impact that technology can have on the current feedback framework at your organization?


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