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Driving organizational growth with Digital

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Driving organizational growth with Digital

Kopi Kenangan is very passionate about Indonesian coffee, as are their customers. The company’s model is grab-and-go coffee, and they rely on smaller cafes and a larger footprint. So when they wanted to scale fast, a very high store expansion rate meant that the employee growth rate would have been just as high. But their HR solution would not support the number of employees they would need in order to expand. And it could not be configured and required HRs to intervene for even simple processes.

Kopi Kenangan needed scale, automation, and control over process design in order to grow...

With technology interventions, their employee headcount grew more than 100% to a total of above 5000 employees amidst the pandemic.

Join Nia Qoyimmah - Head of Human Resources at Kopi Kenangan, as she shares insights into how Kopi achieved this and is still utilizing technology to support business growth.

Discussion points:

  • How technology can support Employee growth and Business expansion
  • Need for HRTech solution
Nia Kopi

Nia Qoyimmah

Head of Human Resources and General Affairs, Kopi Kenangan
Marcelly- Black and White

Marcelly Suhali

Regional Head of Sales, Darwinbox