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Emcure enabled a smarter work life for it's employees with Darwinbox

HR transformation for 7500+ employees in just 70 days

Making future of work, a reality

Emcure needed a robust HR process, that gave a 360-degree view of talent data, as opposed to the outmoded HCM that behaved more like a system for the HR than the employees and organization at large.

They were looking for a unified platform that tied all HR functions together, and provided value-added insights.

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The pace of implementation was speedy, and the delivery of the product happened exactly in congruence with the predefined timelines. Moreover, the adoption rate for the system across the organization was strikingly high.”


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Implementation completed for 7500 employees within 70 days with 0 deviation

Mobile user adoption increased by 3.6X over the first 3 months

HR Team bandwidth opened up by 30%

Migration from 3 disjoint systems to 1 unified system led to heightened efficiency

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