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Accelerating business outcomes with Talent Management

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Accelerating business outcomes with Talent Management

As we move forward in a world that is increasingly becoming more virtual by the minute, the strategic intervention of technology continues to ensure that our teams stay connected and businesses successful.

HR tech that once helped automate the recruitment and filing processes alone, today allows HR to do its job more effectively with new-age features and innovations. We are entering the era of work tech where skills-enabled, design-oriented systems that help HR teams design, manage and monitor all areas of the employee experience are becoming a tablestake in companies. But navigating the new waters of work tech demands innovation and usability in the tools as it does for the CHROs to carve out a strategy aligned with the org’s goals and outcomes. Unraveling the magic of work tech is this power packed session that will give you a crash course on not just understanding the new tech model, but leveraging it like a pro.

Discussion points:

  • What will be the key challenges that organizations will face with respect to talent management in 2022? How best can they resolve them?
  • What do you think organizations can do better to enable agility in their talent decisions? What trends will shape the organizations of the future?
  • How will technology be positioned to harness talent efficiently?
Vijayshankar Ananthanaryanan

Vijayshankar Ananthanaryanan

Vice President & Global Head, Transformation at Darwinbox
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Ashok Kapoor

Managing Director, Organization Pivot