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Panel Discussion on Harnessing The Power of HR Tech to Facilitate ‘Multiple Futures’

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Panel Discussion on Harnessing The Power of HR Tech to Facilitate ‘Multiple Futures’

The rocket speed at which the world of HR is evolving is astonishing. From accommodating rapid changes in real-time to developing agility to using analytics to make smart decisions, HR Tech is paving the way for HR teams of the future. It is well understood that a myopic vision and planning will only slow down the process of growth that organizations are aiming for. Standard and rigid ways of planning for the future only make it more challenging to reach the pinnacle of success. What then, can solve this problem.

Today, it is not just about planning for the ‘now’ but also about the ‘then’ that has become crucial. Intellectual thinkers and futurists think in terms of multiple futures instead of one. In simple terms, ‘multiple futures’ describes the strategic foresight that encompasses all the variables at play to devise a plan that assures progression. Not only does this increase the chances that one will have a plan for the actual future, but it also “intellectually conditions” one to adapt to change.

Organizations that seek to future-proof themselves will have to understand the importance of HR Tech leading from the forefront, they will have to determine the possible futures they want to pursue and develop the agility to pivot as conditions change along the way. With the gamut of HR technologies available today, organizations will have to make vigilant decisions to invest in technologies that serve their specific needs, enable ease of use, automate most of their manual tasks, and provide analytics that helps to generate promising predictions.

Discussion points:

  • How can HR technology enable organisations to prepare for multiple futures?
  • As employees increasingly demand more flexibility at work, how can HR stay ahead of time to accommodate the changes?
  • How can HR technology ease the process of reinventing org strategies on the go?
  • What are the themes that will guide the future of work?
  • How important will be the role of people analytics in preparing for the multiple futures of work?
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Mahesh Medhekar

VP HR, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India
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Clement Rosario

VP HR, Tech, Data and Ops, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises
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Rajendra Ghag

CHRO, Blue Dart Express

Chaitanya Peddi

Co-Founder, Darwinbox