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The Enterprise HRMS RFP Template

1000+ Features | 10+ Modules

This RFP template covers:
  • Over 1000+ HR technology features across all modules
  • A toggle between basic and advanced features based on your organisational complexity and industry
  • Most critical remote work features to get ahead in the post COVID world
  • Data & security evaluation checklists for your IT Team

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1000+ Features, 10+ Modules, All HR Tech Use Cases

Asset 2-1

Time & Attendance

Asset 3-1

Recruitment & Onboarding

Asset 4-2

HR Helpdesk

Asset 5-1

Core HR

Asset 6-1

Payroll Management

Asset 7-2

Expense Management

Asset 8

Employee Engagement

Asset 9

Talent Management

Asset 10

Rewards & Recognition

Asset 11

MIS & Analytics

A good RFP can save you time & effort while ensuring you find the best suited solution for your needs