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Reetu raina

Reetu Raina

Quick Heal

Himanshu Kumar

Himanshu Kumar

Customer Success Director,


Discussion Points:

  • What, Why and How of OKRs
  • The relevance of OKRs to tackle the new normal challenges
  • Common pitfalls when adopting OKRs and how to avoid them
  • Live Case Study Presentation by Quick Heal on how OKRs helped them.
  • Live showcase of OKRs on Darwinbox

Who should Watch:

Who should watch


Talent Management 2.0

In this new normal every team is having to reset, adapt and course-correct to keep up with changing market dynamics. Battling such a fast-paced change coupled with the challenges of lack of alignment, focus, transparency and measurable outcomes is demanding organisations to rethink traditional performance management approaches. OKRs, a performance philosophy which saw early adoption by organisations like Google, Intuit, LinkedIn etc is emerging as one of the most effective tools to tackle the talent challenges of the remote workforce. With the ability to dynamically align and reset goals OKRs are being increasingly adopted by organisations.

In this discussion, get real insights into how Quick Heal, one of India's leading cyber security software company, is leveraging OKRs to drive org agility and propel growth with OKRs on Darwinbox.

How can organisations redefine performance management?