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Sumit Rai - Edelweiss CEO

Sumit Rai

CEO, Edelweiss,
Tokio Life Insurance

Jayant Paleti - Co-founder Darwinbox

Jayant Paleti

Co - Founder,

Vijay Kumar- GoDigit CEO

Vijay Kumar

CEO, GoDigit
General Insurance Limited

Vinod Aggarwal - Volvo Eicher CEO

Vinod Aggarwal

CEO, VE Commercials
Vehicle Limited

Discussion Points:

  • What are the most important things needed for an effective collaboration in a virtual world?
  • What are the main hurdles to collaboration in a virtual Org?
  • What enablers are there to incentivize teams to collaborate?
  • How are organisations embracing tech to simplify employee lives and also drive decisions at scale and pace?

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Virtual Collaboration

In this new normal every team is having to reset, adapt and course-correct to keep up with changing market dynamics. Battling such a fast-paced change coupled with the challenges of lack of alignment, focus, transparency and measurable outcomes is demanding organisations to rethink the ways they collaborate.

 Collaboration is lifeblood for most organizations. It is the fuel & common thread  through which functions come together, people, skills & talent come together to achieve common outcomes and make organizations the economic engines that they are. In this panel discussion, get to know about the critical enablers for an effective collaboration in these virtual times.

How can organisations redefine collaboration?