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Gowthami Kanumuru

Marketing Head,



HCM Solutions Consultant,


The pandemic has changed our reality and organizations everywhere are adapting to this new reality, quickly and effectively. So, even with Travel and Expense Management, businesses have to devise a strategy that puts employee safety at the forefront.


According to a new GBTA poll -

  • 62% of organizations say they have modified their travel safety and security policies for their travelers
  • 55% of respondents report their company has instituted new trip approval procedures

Non-essential business travel has to be restricted with a more stringent approval process for business travels.

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Are you prepared to navigate the post-COVID reality?

Here are three pillars that your technology partner should equip you with: Control, Automation and Visibility.

  • Control: Building an agile policy engine that is 100% compliant, allows you to prepare for all possible scenarios across the organisation and gives your team the flexibility to handle any exceptions seamlessly.
  • Automation: Capturing expenses, managing approvals, and handling reimbursements should be seamlessly automated and integrated across systems for true efficiency.
  • Visibility: Minimising out of policy expenses and duplicacy frauds by gaining more visibility over each department and increasing employees’ visibility on settlements, reimbursements status, claims etc.

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