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Amit Patil

Assistant GM - Corporate HR,  Head of HR Shared Service, HR Analytics and Digitalization, Emcure Pharma

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Manasvi Gupta

Assistant Manager – HR Digitalization, Emcure Pharma

Mahesh Mall

Customer Success Head,  Darwinbox

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13th, 2022


11:00 AM IST


What we'll talk about:

  • Role-base Management vs. Position Management. 
  • How Emcure transitioned from the former to the latter to reach a strength of 7000+ and still growing.

  • Business advantages of Position Management. 

  • Application of Position Management in specific industries.

Who should Attend:


The new Hybrid Model.


Organizations must be led with vision, but it’s impossible to achieve any vision without the right set of people. This has never been truer than in the new world of work.

But creating positions, inserting them into the organization’s hierarchy, assigning job descriptions, salaries, and requirements for those positions, hiring the right people to fill them needs more than just a well-planned strategy.

It needs a robust HRMS with Position Management capabilities to ensure business requirements are translated to timely and efficient staffing. 

Darwinbox teams up with the experts from Emcure to distill the what, the why, and the how of Position Management. Join Amit Patil, Manasvi Gupta from Emcure, and Mahesh Mall from Darwinbox as one of India’s biggest pharma companies shares insights on leveraging a hybrid staffing model.

Translate your business needs to timely staffing