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Agile HR:

HRs Role in Building a Digital-first Org Culture

Insights from Sinarmas Mining's Journey

Swasono Satyo 

Chief Human Resource Officer 


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Get insights into HRs role in driving a digital-first org culture:

  • What is the role of digital technology in the new remote & socially distanced workplace?

  • What are the key initiatives HR should drive digitally to ensure productivity, engagement & continuity? 

  • How can HR swiftly enable every role in the organization to adopt digital ways?

  • Insights from Sinarmas Mining’s Digital HR initiatives in the recent past.

Who should Attend:


The new norms of HR.


The COVID’19 crisis is forcing every organisation to learn, understand, implement and adapt to the digital world of work. With absolutely no warning time to run a thoroughly thought through change management exercise to adapt to the new normal work mode, this crisis is a true test of the grit of every CXO. 

While the whole transition has been challenging, some of the organisations seem to be sailing the rough waters successfully. Without stopping at leveraging technology just to facilitate remote work mode learn from Pak Satyo how technology is helping Sinarmas Mining in keeping their employees engaged, connected and productive. 

In this exclusive webinar, Pak Swasono Satyo will share his insights on HRs critical role in driving and building a digital-ready workforce to adapt to the changing times.

Ensure your org and workforce are agile at adapting to the new digital world of work