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Vijayshankar Ananthanarayanan

Vice President & Global Head - Transformation,

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Juancho Jerusalem

Vice President & Head of APJ Expansion,

imageonline-co-blackandwhiteimage (2)

Marco Angelo Padernal

HR Director for Employee Experience,
JG Summit Holdings Inc.

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Carlos Santos

Vice President Shared Services,
JG Summit Holdings Inc.

Discussion Points:

  • What has changed for organizations in the post-covid era?
  • What levers of Digital transformation wrt technology have been used in orgs to achieve their goals/ overcome challenges?
  • What are the HR technology must-haves for shaping the employee experience through technology?
  • How should the role of CHRO and CIO evolve to achieve the desired outcomes?

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Future-Ready Workplace

Amidst a fluid and volatile pandemic scenario, today’s workplace continues to undergo massive changes. The people, processes, and technology used by organizations need to support new work models and business realities.

But how can HR technology help us adapt to an ever-shifting work environment faster and better? What should HR prioritize to ensure a seamless and enhanced workforce experience?

Watch this session of Adobo Talks: Future-Proofing HR: Leveraging Technology for the Evolving World of Work where we discuss your most valuable asset – your team.

How can organisations build a digital foundation for a future-ready workplace?