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Embracing the new way of work: How enterprises are managing remote work with HR Tech

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In 40 mins, learn how 300+ Asian enterprises are leveraging Darwinbox to:


Manage attendance with deep-tech like mobile based facial recognition

Roll out, communicate and ensure productivity in remote work mode


Listen to, and engage the distributed work-force, virtually


Administering benefits to support employees, aided by wellness surveys





Find answers to the biggest question of 2020 - How to achieve business continuity? 


As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve and borders close around the world, organisations are beginning to see its impact on business.

Fear and uncertaininty around the situation are especially prevelant in the workplace - where employees are no longer able to go to office or travel.

With these stark changes around us, it's becoming imperative that we rely on technology to transition into the new way of work.

Supercharge your org's productivity, while working from home

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