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alvin goh (1)

Alvin Aloysius Goh

Executive Director,

Chaitanya Peddi Co-founder Darwinbox (1)

Chaitanya Peddi

Co Founder,


Discussion Points:

  • Holistic view of employee experience with altruism, compassion and empathy.
  • Responding to employee needs & Building trust in the organisation.
  • Workforce effectiveness and well-being.
  • CHRO’s perspective on ways in which organisations can re-strategize their talent management.
  • The need for digitalization of performance management & its impact.
  • Challenges with performance management as teams go remote.

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Performance Management


In this new normal every team is having to reset, adapt and course-correct to keep up with changing market dynamics.

And, as the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupts the global economic activity, government mandates have been encouraging organisations to adopt work-from-home strategies. The alternative workplace has changed where and how people work - in turn, impacting the way Human Resource Professionals conduct Talent Performance Management.

In this session, hear out Chaitanya Peddi, Co-Founder of Darwinbox, and Alvin Goh, Executive Director of SHRI, as they share their expertise on adapting to the new normal of business continuity.

How can organisations redefine performance management?