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Importance of Trust and Culture Economy in Turbulent Times

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What we will discuss:

  • What is Culture, and how is it linked to Trust? 
  • How to maintain and enhance Culture in the current environment
  • How should Culture be implemented? (Getting your corporate values off the wall)   
  • Role of rewards and recognition in enhancing organisation culture
  • Tips and Tricks for virtual and downsized environments
  • Preparing for what's next. How is Culture changed forever? 

Who should Attend:


Why Culture will impact long term org sustainability


Now, more than ever, businesses need the Trust of their stakeholders to prosper over the long term. This Trust is comprised of some elements that are intrinsically linked to one another, forming part of the corporate ecosystem.

Corporate Culture can be harnessed to turn risks into opportunities. There is now a growing urgency for companies to communicate that their Culture is healthy. Stakeholders want to know that the right values of companies are embedded in their Culture to support their long-term sustainability. How can corporate Culture be communicated to engender Trust? What role can communications play in positioning corporate Culture in turbulent times?

Get Insights into Leading with a Culture of Trust