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There are some common markers of large organizations across industries. They are often characterized by the complexity of structures, the variety of processes across organizational levels, and the scale of operations.

Thus, to deliver value in its truest sense and to SIMPLIFY HR transformations of scale, Darwinbox’s HR technology platform is as configurable, scalable, and end-to-end as it gets! Here are 8 interesting case studies that demonstrate the impact our new-age HRMS platform has had on enterprises.

Explore how Darwinbox redefined acceleration for


Automation & Value-addition

Aarti Industries records 94% accuracy in workforce management to embrace a culture of effective and value-adding HCM with Darwinbox.

To enhance the then-current HR framework, Aarti wanted to move away from an HR management system that was just data-entry centric. A system that could streamline the entire processes of shift management/position management was desired. Darwinbox helped them achieved all of this on one single, unified platform.

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Centralized Governance

Darwinbox catalyzed centralization of policies and helps Bisleri International drive a culture of data-driven governance for employees across 122+ locations.

Moving away from what has always been the normal is not easy. So when Bisleri decided to merge its 4 independent units into one organization, they felt the need for a partner that could be a catalyst of this process. Darwinbox helped drive this centralization of policies and culture with its easy to use and value-adding HR Technology.

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Engagement & Adoption

Myntra observed a spike in monthly active users to 90% after migrating to Darwinbox.

Technology gives you agility only when it is adopted at scale. But enterprise solutions, despite being functionally deep, are hardly used because of their complex UI. Darwinbox has a highly intuitive, user-centric design that helps spike adoption, connect thousands of employees and bring the entire organisation closer.

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Smarter Decision Making

GVK Bio migrated from 5 systems to 1 enabling leadership to rely on holistic people analytics for sounder decision-making.

Darwinbox not only brings all the processes together, but also rescues enterprises from having multiple data sources that are scattered, hard to retrieve and decipher. Besides organising all data in one central source, Darwinbox helps organizations make data-backed decisions by extracting intelligent, tangible insights.

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Times Internet

Speed & Simplicity

Darwinbox implemented Core HR for 3000+ Times Internet employees in just 4 weeks.

Most enterprise solutions have implementation timelines between 9 months to a year. Darwinbox is known for its speedy deployment, real-time returns and efficient change management. Darwinbox helps automate all the facets of HR on one single platform, thereby freeing up HR bandwidth for the more strategic elements.

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Enablement & Management

Delhivery enabled processes, approvals & workflows remotely for 23,000+ employees across 1200+ locations.

With becoming a large organisation comes the peril of managing different locations, levels and logistics of the distributed workforce. With its fully digital and configurable workflows, Darwinbox enables the perfect balance of check & control, while empowering employees to have an independent, self-service mindset.

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Darwinbox is an end-to-end, digital HRMS platform built for high-calibre market leaders across the spectrum.

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